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The Hope, Health and Information Links Below from H I M are for education purposes only.  H I M is not associated with any of these sites and information contained in these sites has not been approved by H I M and should not be construed in any manner as recommended  or endorsed by this Ministry.

Addiction Treatment Methods and Faith – Forterus – Compilation of beneficial Christian links for faith assistance in seeking help for addiction treatment methods and recovery

Allergies – an Immunition Report by Frank Jordan – What they are – What to do for relief

American Dental Association – Good Database for Oral Health, Dental Information and Dentist Search

American Diabetes Association – Diabetes News and Information in English or Spanish

American Osteopathic Association – Learn about Doctors of Osteopathy (D.O.), the philosophy and training

Arthritis Foundation – Information on all forms of Arthritis and Current Health News Related to Arthritis

Beta Glucan Research – Non-commercial site with Research in Beta Glucan by condition or disease

Beta Glucan Research History – 60 Years of Research History with Major Breakthroughs through Science

Bible Gateway:  Search for any Bible Verse or Verses in Most Bible Versions

Cancer, the Immune System and Beta Glucan – an Immunition Report

CDC – Center for Disease Control & Prevention (Tel: 404-639-3311)

Chiropractors National Directory – Search for a Chiropractor in your Area by Zip Code Nationally

Christian Post Newspaper – Christian News Web Publication

Cholesterol – What is Cholesterol. Learn the Good, the Bad and the Evil!

Cold and Flu – What They are and what You can do Naturally and Nutritionally

Doctor’s Questions – What You need to ask your Doctor to have complete Information on Your Situation

Find Articles – A great site to research a subject in publications

Food and Drug Administration – U.S. FDA website with Recalls, Safety Alerts, Hot FDA Topics, Activities and More

Forest Fire Report – Updated Daily for Serious Fires throughout the Nation (requires Adobe Reader)

Forterus – Compilation of beneficial Christian links for faith assistance in seeking help for addiction treatment methods and recovery

FREE Samples – Where and When HWW Listener’s can get FREE Stuff!

Fungus and Mold  – What to do Inside and Outside – Immunition Report by Frank Jordan

Google Search Engine – About the best search engine on the web – Federal Government website for info

Healthfinder – A Comprehensive Guide – including Alternative Medicine – developed by the U.S. Dept of Heath & Human Services

How Stuff Works! – Another must site for the curious seeking to know!

Homeopathy – Questions and references make this an educational site

Homeopathy 2 – More Information on Homeopathy and Homeopathic remedies

Hypoglycemia Support Foundation – Information and the Do’s and Don’ts on Hypoglycemia, an Abnormally Low Level of Sugar in the Blood

Immunition Reports – Numerous Health Subject Reports and more by Frank Jordan

Influenza and Colds – 36-50,000 die annually from Influenza while 1 billion catch a cold. Learn more about what they are and what to do naturally and nutritionally

Medicare – Official Government Site for Medicare and Related Health Matters

Medline Plus – Nat’l Library of Medicine Outstanding Site with Medical Dictionaries, Drug Info and Much More

Medline Plus – Spanish Version – Same outstanding health information site from the NLM in Spanish

National Center for Biotechnology Information – For those who want to know more!

National Institutes of Health – A-Z Index of NIH Health Resources, clinical trials, health hotlines, MEDLINEplus and Drug Information

Naturopathic Medicine Network – What is Naturopathic Medicine and Information in this Medical Field

NUTRITIONAL SCIENTIFIC CORPORATION  (NSC) – PATRON SUPPORTER OF the Hope Inspiration Ministry – a Christian Corporation with Outstanding Health Products

PubMed – Periodical and Research Articles and Publications Search Site

Rare Diseases – Office in the National Institute of Health – Information on more than 6,000 Rare Disease and Related Conditions

Terrorism and Unexpected Event Preparation and Response – American Red Cross Materials for Disaster Preparation & Response

Traveler’s Health – If you are on the move, put in your destination(s) and review the latest health conditions or advisories

U.S. National Library of Medicine – World’s Largest Medical Library with Health Information and Research Programs