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Frank Jordan as Pastor and other Career/Family Information

Frank Jordan, Founder with his wife Connie and Pastor of the Health Inspiration Ministry, was formerly Host and Executive Producer of “Healthy, Wealthy and Wise (HWW),” both on national Radio and Network Television. The one hour radio show was broadcast live weekdays in all 50 states on Salem Radio channels including Sirius/XM Family Channel (131) for 20 years, beginning in 1999 with 5,000+ shows produced. The TV show was seen nationally weekdays on the Christian FamilyNet channel.

Jordan brings a keen wit together with a vast knowledge in health issues and a spiritual mission to enlighten and encourage his friends and audiences in health and life subjects matters.  Frank believes in a Holyistic faith combining body, mind and spirit to practice a faith guided by God’s Word and will in our lives. Emotional about the flaws in our health system and health challenges today, Frank Jordan’s goal is for everyone he knows to live a quality, not just quantity of life.  More than 400 health and spiritual related podcast are available at and on this website.

Jordan, in addition to his media career, is an author, lecturer, co-inventor with multiple patents issued (U.S. Patent 6,476,003) or pending and health industry corporate leader.  Jordan’s media career, in addition to HWW, has included extensive network radio & TV programs discussing health issues and the immune system. Jordan’s most recent books are “Beta GluCAN! Immunition to Win Your Body War” and “Holiday Treasures.”  He also is Editor and Contributor to “Immunition Reports” on multiple health subjects. (

This passionate man emphasizes you are not alone because the Great Physician and His Son is with you now and you have an extended family in his and Connie’s ministry that truly is concerned about you and your spiritual and health concerns.  Jordan is a recognized expert on the immune system and nutritional supplements associated with the immune response and continuous study of the Bible and spiritual matters he shares in his sermons, videos, podcasts and personal witness about his faith in the living God and Jesus Christ.  He continues intensive involvement in scientific research sponsored by NSC involving the immune response in both the NSC Laboratory and in association with Kenneth W. Hunter ScD and his staff of scientists.

Frank’s book, “Holiday Treasures,” is a spiritually oriented collection of essays written by Jordan, based on personal and historical research  to both inform and explain our Holiday traditions and events; including Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving and even Birthdays.  Order this compassionate and fascinating book with beautiful graphics by artisans under the direction of Martin Luther in the 1500’s, written from a Christian perspective, now by calling 888-541-3997 or at

In the scientific arena, Jordan is Co-Inventor on U.S. Patent 6,476,003 with additional U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending related to MG Beta Glucan, in conjunction with Dr. Kenneth W. Hunter, Jr., ScD.  Jordan and Dr. Hunter have become a part of the Beta Glucan history of scientific breakthroughs in immune related health.  Learn more about MG Beta Glucan and the extensive research involving Beta Glucan in an interview with Frank Jordan by clicking on this location: questions.

Frank and wife, Connie (seen at left on the TV Set of Healthy, Wealthy and Wise at the FamilyNet television network on Frank’s birthday), live in Texas.  Their family, including children Meredith, Jason and Mark (Meredith, Frank, Connie and Mark – upper right on TV set), together with grandchildren Kendall Leigh and Peri Drea (seen at right with Dad, Sgt. Jason Jordan, in the U.S. Air Force in Guam), are now young ladies graduating from high school and attending college.

The children of Mark and Ashley Campbell have provided continuous pleasure – Caden, Kelsey, Cyrus and Alieko – ranging from 10 to 1/2 year and very active in their daily lives.  Become a part of the HIM family and  join your new best friends – Frank and Connie Jordan!

Personal Appearances

For Information on Frank Jordan Speaking Engagements or to Discuss an Event featuring Frank Jordan, call 936-334-0514 or email at

Health Specialties

  • Recognized Expert in the Immune System and Related Health Problems, including in Federal Court
  • Teacher in Health Issues with a Post Graduate Degree from The University of Texas at Austin
  • Scientific Researcher in Association with Internationally Recognized Immunologists and Scientists
  • U.S. Patent Co-Inventor in Immune System Science with additional U.S. and Foreign Patents in Process

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